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World's Largest Virtual Mars Colonization Project
  • Virtually travel to Mars like an Astronaut
  • Do tasks on the Martian surface
  • Learn how to survive on Mars
Experience Mars at only

Virtual Mars Colonization

Be part of World's first virtual Mars colonization bootcamp exclusively designed for kids who think out of the box (or planet)


International Project Exposure

Get a chance to be part of an International astronomy project and interact with like-minded MarsoNians from around the globe


Experimental DIY-based Learning

Tinker with the innovative learner's kit especially designed to simulate and develop cognitive and problem-solving skills in kids


Experience Mars Hands-on

Get a first-hand view of how life on Mars would be. Learn, and do tasks around survival techniques for astronauts traveling to Mars

World's Biggest Virtual Mars Colonization Project

Since 1960, humanity has been exploring Mars, and we've never been closer. Permanent settlement, where crews that go to Mars stay and develop a new society, is the next natural step in Mars exploration. Humans settling on Mars will inspire us all to improve the planet. Mars sits about 34 million miles (55 million kilometers) away from Earth, depending on the orbital position of both planets, and us Earthlings still face a number of obstacles before we could even reach it.


The 3-Day Workshop Schedule

Get a detailed break-up about the program schedule and deliverables. We are sure your kid would love to do these. Have a look.

Day 1
  • Know Planet Mars
  • Astronaut Training
  • Hands on: Astronaut Readiness
Day 2
  • Basics of a rocket
  • Rocket Making
  • Hydraulics
  • Hands on: Build your own Rocket
  • Hands on: Build a Hydraulic Plane Launcher
Day 3
  • Mars Radiation
  • Q&A
  • Hands 0n: Radiation Challenge








Steps to be part of MarsoNian Program

Learn more about the steps you should follow to become part of the World's first International Mars virtual colonization Program

  • Register for the online global Boot Camp of MarsoNian
  • The MarsoNian box, with the experiments and kits, is couriered to you
  • Attend the 3-Day online MarsoNian program
Experience Mars at $149/student

Exciting Prizes and Awards for Top Performers

The top 3 students in both the age categories will win the prizes as below. In addition, all these 6 winners will get to attend a “Complimentary Internship by an ex-NASA scientist for a NASA project”

  • First Prize: Telescope with usage training + A Special Hamper
  • Second Prize: A Home Planetarium + A Special Hamper
  • Third Prize: Air–powered rocket kit + A Special Hamper
Experience Mars at $149/student

Critical timeline for the program

The project follows a strict timeline for registration, order and delivery of kits, and commencement of the program.

  • Start Date of Registration 15th July 2022, Sunday
  • Kits Get Dispatched After 7th days of registration
  • Kit Delivery 15 to 20 days from dispatch
  • Course Begin 30 days from registration
Experience Mars at $149/student

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