Team of Navars Edutech comprises dynamic mix of intellectual professionals, managerial team, Subject matter experts and Astronomy and Space researchers. Deriving its futuristic outlook from its dynamic mix, Navars is poised to accomplish its mission and realize its vision. Proud of its team’s competence, Navars perennially nurtures an atmosphere where people’s imagination takes true shape which ultimately translates into value-addition to its endeavours. Such a futuristic outlook has been instrumental in driving and directing Navars towards being the best.


We at Navars are passionate about Astronomy science education. And because of our commitment to Outreach we focuses on our Astronomy lab’s, DIY kits, Portable digital planetarium’s; were we can excite, amaze and inspire our audiences, whether young or adult, about the wonders of science. We are accomplishing Our Mission through Education and Outreach Programs. We realized that Similar Subjects like Maths and Science, Astronomy is also definitely an interesting and engaging subject to Student but they don't have any practical learning to them like math labs and science labs. If they want to learn or research something about Stars, Solar System or Aliens they have only one solution that is Planetarium. But most of the towns and Cities don't have Planetariums. So we provide solution for that in Setting a Portable Planetarium and right in front of School Door Steps, and also providing “Astronomy lab’s” to Schools & “Do-It-Yourself Astronomy Kits to Students”. So student can Explore, Engage & Experience in Our Astro Concepts."


We Aim to Create a Platform to Students, Who wants to be part of Astronomy Club and to Explore in Astronomy concepts. As we know 99% students will opt for Subjects like Maths, Science and Commerce and just 1% for Astronomy. We are waiting for a Day were Students choose Astronomy as their subject and Career and we dream to lay foundation for those generations. We aim to bring Astronomy Clubs, Astro Kits, Astronomy curriculum Online Courses and Astronomy Olympiads in School Curriculum to Elevate Young Astronauts.


Astronomy & Science Communicators who earlier worked with NASA & ISRO allied with 10+ years of experience.


Delivering customized learning based on the student's learning pace.


2-way interaction between student and teacher, better than recorded videos.

How it works
Step 1 -

Book an Astronomy class with us. All you need to attend the session is a laptop with good internet connectivity.

Step 2 -

Our team will reach out to you to help you schedule the class.

Step 3 -

Our Astronomy experts will take ONE HOUR of Astronomy session with your child.

Step 4 -

If you like the session, you can continue by buying any of the available class packages.

Step 5 -

We will schedule your weekly sessions and your child can continue the learning journey with us.

Be Awesome

100,000+ hours of training sessions with 5,000+ students conducted from 5 different countries