Asrtronomy Lab

Starquest Astronomy Lab

Starquest Astronomy lab Navars Edutech offers a complete Space & Astronomy Lab infrastructure at School with associated wide range of educational Astronomy programmes and Space science workshops. The program also facilitates Astronomy Lab curriculums, Planetarium shows, Astro-tourism services and customized services for schools. We have successfully implemented astronomy and space science curriculum for the Indian & Global education systems by offering structured Astronomy courses with experiential workshops.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote quality learning and advanced scientific education through various engaging and interactive activities that will allow student to interact with fellow space enthusiasts and will encourage and spark young minds into next generation Space & Astronomy

Outreach Programs

Astronomy grade aligned curriculum

Structured Astronomy grade aligned curriculum for a year long duration with a complete Astronomy academic calendar.

Organise Workshops

Organise Workshops, Astronomy Observatory Trips, Science & Space Centre and Planetariums visits for Astronomy Club Students

Planetarium Shows

Portable Planetarium Shows with immersive 3D content at your school door steps.

Scientist for a Day

“Our Scientist for a Day Program” enables creative minds to get inspired by developing an interest in space technology.

Multiple Activities

Multiple activities around Rocketry Challenge & Telescope Making

Olympiad (NASO)

National Level Astronomy Olympiad (NASO) – aspire to become National & International Champions

Our Offerings

  • Telescope’s
  • Planetarium Show at their school for every three months
  • 25 Planisphere, 20 Moon Mapping Catalogue
  • Charles Messier: Customized Messier Catalogue
  • Astronomy & Space Exploration yearly day wise planner: Deep space Mysteries 2018
  • Astronomers Bio and Pictures, Milky way’s posters & Astronomy Posters.
  • Planet Rising & Setting time table
  • Facts of Space
  • Teacher Training:2 days on school training for teachers (Day sky watch/ Evening sky watch, Usage of Telescope, Planisphere, moon mapping, Messier Catalogue etc). Night Sky watch for teachers (Travel & stay expenses of teachers & trainer will be taken care by school)
  • E-Library: 150+ eBooks with e-Library software.
  • Documentaries: 100+ Astronomy documentaries.
  • Astronomical Software: To see real time sky and better understanding of Astronomical concepts with 3D visualization.
  • Tarangan (Star dial): Rotate and adjust timing and see sky round the year.
  • 3D Astronomy Wall Painting on Full Lab Room. (Room size approx.: 10ft X15ft)