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World's Largest Virtual Mars Colonization Project

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    The idea behind MarsoNian

    Space & Astronomy is the next big thing and the future. The Space race has intensified with the advent of very strong private companies in the field. The game is changing. Is our next generation gearing up for this? Introducing Marsonian..!!. A Project with a bootcamp to hone the talent and the interest.

    Since 1960, humanity has been exploring Mars, and we’ve never been closer. Permanent settlement, where crews that go to Mars stay and develop a new society, is the next natural step in Mars exploration. Humans settling on Mars will inspire us all to improve the planet. Mars sits about 34 million miles (55 million kilometers) away from Earth, depending on the orbital position of both planets. We Earthlings still face several¬†obstacles before we could even reach it.

    The Bootcamp Goal

    Learners to investigate, understand, analyze challenges of Mars Colonization and construct the solutions.

    Astronomy student Navars Edutech

    The subject of Astronomy connects to a number of allied subjects, namely, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, life sciences. The learners need to understand this interdisciplinary nature of the subject which will open up avenues for them in future in terms of career prospects. The teaching-learning will assume a blend of synchronous and asynchronous mode. Students are required to carry out individual activities, as an integral part of lesson- delivery plan, on virtual platform. The lesson planning has referred to technology-based pedagogical content by Judith Harris, insights from 21st century skills.


    Step 1

    The participant registers for MarsoNian Bootcamp & Contest

    Step 2

    The MarsoNian box, with the experiments and kits, is couriered to the participant

    Step 3

    3 days online MarsoNian class with Kit is conducted

    Skill FOCUS

    Program Schedule


    Minutes of interactive classes


    live interactive classes


    Alternate days in a week

    Session Topics

    Planet Mars, Atmospheric conditions on Mars, Mars colonization, Mars surface morphology, Mars weather, Challenges of human survival on Mars, Life support on planet Mars, Biology of Martian Traveler, Solar Energy, Rocketry, Hydraulics, Radiation

    Day 1

    Planet Mars & Astronaut Training

    With Astronaut Training Experiment Kit

    Day 2

    Basics of Rocket & Rocket making Hydraulics

    With Rocket Making Kit and Hydraulic Plane Launcher Kit

    Day 3

    Mars Radiation & Radiation Challenge

    With Radiation Challenge Experiment Kit

    Vikram Londhe

    Chief Product Officer (CPO)
    Navars Edutech

    Instructor Profile

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