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Our curriculum is a thoughtful curation of Astronomy, Space Science, Robotics and Coding, thus giving a wholesome STEM education experience to the students.

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Navars Edutech is a pioneering space innovation company dedicated to fostering the next generation’s passion for space exploration and technology. With a strong commitment to education, Navars bridges the gap between academia and the space industry, empowering students with experiential learning, cutting-edge DIY space kits, and advanced technology solutions. Over the years, Navars has gained wide acceptance for its progressive approach to space education, nurturing young minds to become the innovators and explorers of tomorrow.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Hyderabad, Navars has rapidly grown with a dedicated team of over 60 employees.

Navars Edutech, founded in 2019 and based in Hyderabad, is a trailblazing space innovation company committed to inspiring the next generation’s interest in space exploration and technology. We bridge the academic-industry gap, offering experiential learning, cutting-edge DIY space kits, and advanced technology solutions. With over 60 dedicated employees, we’re recognized for our progressive approach to space education, empowering young minds to become tomorrow’s innovators and explorers.

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The new norm in Tier-1 Schools - Astronomy & Space Lab

Some of our Partner Schools

Some of our Partner Schools

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Partner Schools




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Some of our Popular Programs

Join thousands of students and top educators from NASA, ISRO and other prestigious space agencies across the globe.

NASO Astronomy Olympiad

India’s Largest Astronomy & Space Olympiad designed for young students in classes 2 to 10 to explore the thrilling worlds of science and astronomy.

Special Features:

  • Students get a chance to interact with experts from the space industry through our innovative PowerUp Sessions that happens twice every month.
  • To aid the students and empower them to compete at a global level, we provide comprehensive guides for each grades. 
  • We conduct online mock tests on our advanced LMS platform to help students get used to the online exam mode and excel in the final exam.
  • Winners get exciting awards like sponsored ISRO visits, astronomy and space science kits, telescopes and much more. 

Priority area of work

Space Tech

  • Strong Tech to meet the academic needs of the students from schools to professionals
  • Product Innovation around Satellite, Rockets, STEM, Coding & Simulation tools
  • Strong Industry collaborations to bridge the product , hands-on experience and academics

Space Education

  • Astronomy & Space Introduction to K12 students to trigger career aspirations
  • Capacity building with Undergrad & Professional students to become Industry ready
  • Addressing the Global Trillion USD Space Economy human capital need by 2040

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Thousands of students learn from and interact with and top educators from NASA, ISRO, and other prestigious space agencies across the globe.

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