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    Need for Space Education

    Career Opportunities

    The Global Space economy is projected to be a Trillion Dollar industry by 2040. Naturally, the demand for trained talent will grow rapidly in the next decade.

    NEP 2020 Guidelines

    NEP 2020 has strongly emphasized capacity-building programs for teachers to enable early learners to engage in space education right from a grassroots level.

    Constant Rise of Space Era

    Privatization of the space industry on a National and Global level has given rise to another industry revolution that is centered around Space Exploration.

    Wholesome Exposure

    Space science is a perfect blend of embedded systems, coding, and data sciences, thus allowing your students to choose from a variety of career options.

    Outreach Programs

    Astronomy grade aligned curriculum

    Structured Astronomy grade-aligned curriculum for a year-long duration with a complete Astronomy academic calendar.

    Goal-oriented hands-on Workshops

    We organize workshops, Astronomy Observatory Trips, Science & Space Centre, and Planetariums visits for our students.

    Immersive Planetarium 3D Shows

    You can have state-of-the-art portable Planetarium Shows with immersive 3D content at your school.

    Innovative Scientist for a day program

    Our “Scientist for a Day Program” enables creative minds to get inspired by developing an interest in space technology.

    Theme-based activities and challenges

    We organize multiple student activities around Rocketry Challenge, Telescope Making, and other competitions.

    NASO – India’s only Space Science Olympiad

    National Level Astronomy Olympiad (NASO) is an International olympiad aimed at building the next set of Space Scientists and Astronomers.


    Junior Astronomer

    Grades 5 - 7

    Space Scientist

    Grades 8 - 9



    Our Solar System

    Stellar Life Cycle

    Mars Exploration


    Starquest Astronomy Lab

    Starquest Astronomy lab Navars Edutech offers a complete Space & Astronomy Lab infrastructure at School with associated wide range of educational Astronomy programmes and Space science workshops. The program also facilitates Astronomy Lab curriculums, Planetarium shows, Astro-tourism services and customized services for schools. We have successfully implemented astronomy and space science curriculum for the Indian & Global education systems by offering structured Astronomy courses with experiential workshops.

    Our Astronomy Lab Package

    Grade 5-9
    🚀 With/without Company Instructor
    🚀 NEP 2020 Compliant Curriculum
    🚀 Hands-on Kit
    🚀 Lab with Teaching Aids
    🚀 Space Community Membership
    🚀Planetary Rover
    🚀Robotic Arm
    🚀Rocket Station
    🚀Solar House
    🚀First Light Optics
    🚀First Scope
    🚀 Hydrodynamic Boat
    🚀 Mars Copter
    🚀 Multi-terrain Boat
    🚀 Solar Oven
    🚀 First Light Optics Box
    🚀 Star Wonderer Scope



    Our Top Collaborations

    Learning Outcomes

    🚀 Inculcate a habit of active experimentation and result-analysis.
    🚀 Evaluate, and understand the concepts to solve complex real-life problems.
    🚀 Gain critical thinking ability to understand the concepts of astronomy in depth.
    🚀 Apply the concepts to create a project and learn how to present it.
    🚀 imaginative thinking to create an Artifact.
    🚀 Understand the process of performing astronomical research.
    🚀 Actively participate in an experiential learning process through hands-on activities and reflection book.

    Future opportunities for the students

    This Lab provides students with the opportunity to experience and appreciate global scenarios and viewpoints from a unique perspective. The Space Exploration Lab also offers career guidance for interested students.


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