Young Scientist

Young Scientist
For Grades 3-5

3 Modules of stepping into the next level with rocketry, aero science, and exciting DIY activities.

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    Our unique curriculum is accredited by and we are also  an official Space Tutor Partner of ISRO

    Setup Astronomy Lab for grades 2 to 10 in your school from Navars Edutech

    9 classes

    Number of DIY kit Programs
    DIY kit Programs
    AstroMasters Box
    Introduction to Astronomy
    Learning Outcomes
    Astronomy fundamentals, Observational Astronomy basics, Theories of universe formation, Astrophysics Basic
    Skill Enhancement
    Creativity, Problem-solving and Cognitive Skills

    18 classes

    Number of DIY kit Programs
    DIY kit Programs
    MoonTo-1 & Rocket Odyssey
    Fundamentals of Space & Aerospace
    Learning Outcomes
    Space Travel, Basics Rocket science, Space technologies and Aerospace basics
    Skill Enhancement
    Design thinking, Complex problem solving, Critical thinking, Judgement, Innovation

    36 classes

    Number of DIY kit Programs
    DIY kit Programs
    AstroCrate, Space Kart & Einstein Box
    Advance fundamentals – Astronomy, Space & Aerospace
    Learning Outcomes
    Applied Space science, Aeronautics, Experiential astronomy, Space science technologies and Aircraft designs
    Skill Enhancement
    Creativity, Testing, Experimentation, Critical thinking, Problem solving and Innovation

    Accredited to

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my child get a course completion certificate?

    After completion of the courses, you will be provided with the completion certificate. Our certificate is tagged with the ISRO and logo which further increases its value and is a strong advocate of our innovative space education course curriculum.

    Are the video courses downloadable?

    We provide a live and interactive learning experience in our courses. If a student isn’t able to make it to the class for some reason, then we provide the recorded session of the live class via email. If the students have any doubts, they can easily clear their doubts in the Space Station community.

    Can I take the Explorer Course only?

    We recommend completing the Introductory course before taking the Explorer course. However, you can directly enroll your child in the Explorer course if you believe that your child has the required knowledge to start from the Explorer.

    Is there any discount for the whole bundle?

    There is no discount applied for the courses. However, if you decide to take up the complete course bundle, then please request a callback from our team by filling out the form on this page. Our executives will help you understand the module and see if you qualify for a scholarship.

    Learn Astronomy and Space Science from your home

    Learn basic and advanced astronomy and space science courses from your home. You can start learning both from a mobile phone or a laptop based on your convenience. All our Live classes are delivered via Zoom calls and our own Learning management platform.

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      See What our Graduated Young Scientists Have To Say

      A lot of parents are first overwhelmed by the idea of enrolling their kids to Space Science and Astronomy courses. But, they are amazed at how easily we break down that complex science into something their child enjoys. Listen what the young minds have to say