StudentSat International Program

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Build and launch your own satellite

Specially designed for school students who are
interested in Space Science and Astronomy

Supported by:

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For Grades 5-10


    Track critical Satellite Data

    Your StudentSat Satellite with be launched into the atmosphere where it will capture the following critical data:

    • Temperature
    • Temperature Change Graph
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • Light Intensity
    • Location


    The StudentSat is an International program supported by:

    Event Phases

    Primary Mission

    Use the Kit and hybrid learning module to test your satellite

    Secondary Mission

    Teach 5 more students about satellite and research report writing

    The Finale

    3 Contest winners will witness the grand launch event in Germany

    The StudentSat Flow

    StudentSat will be inaugurated by famous space scientist
    Online enrollment will start immediately after inauguration
    Kit Dispatch
    Kit will be dispatched
    Primary Mission
    Learners will complete the primary mission as described below in hybrid mode
    Secondary Mission
    Learners participate in the "Teach Satellite Contest" and create a research report
    Winner Announcement
    The top 3 winners get to attend the launch in Germany
    The Finale
    Winners help launch the satellite, and data logger via Helium balloon

    STUDENTSAT Timeline

    Student Tasks Tentative Date
    Inauguration 9th Oct 2022 (World Space Week)
    Kit Dispatch start 1st Nov 2022
    Learning Start 15th Nov 2022
    Contest Submission Starts 16th Jan 2023
    Result Declaration 15th Aug 2023
    Launch of satellite (Tentative) Anytime between Sept 2023 to Dec 2023

    Our Jury

    Ashteesh Kumar

    Manastu Space


    Agnikul AeroSpace

    Narayan Prasad

    COO Sat Search

    Watch the StudentSat Launch Video

    StudentSat was launched in by our team in association with ISRO Space Tutor Program and In-Space

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